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Guardian Witness

Guardian Witness: Graffiti From Around The World [Visual]

MCA Adam Yauch TributeThe Guardian newspaper and its impressive online platform is heralded as a torchbearer of the liberal media the world over, and part of that online/mobile platform is Guardian Witness. The Guardian posts regular assignments for its readers related to news stories featured in the paper proper, accompanied by Android and iOS apps it asks users to send in their photos on a particular subject. A recent one that particularly caught our eye was an assignment to send in photos of graffiti from around the world following the news that the world-famous graffiti mecca known as 5 Pointz in New York City may be demolished.

“One of the most iconic graffiti destinations in the US, New York City’s 5 Pointz, may be destroyed before the end of the year. To showcase the global scale of the graffiti art movement, we’re asking you to send us photos of graffiti from your city”

There are some great snaps on there from the serious and political works to the comical and as you can imagine they have been sent in from the world over. The assignment is now closed so you can’t send in your own images but they have gathered some fantastic art that you can have a look at for yourself here.

On a side note… LONG LIVE SOUTH BANK!


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