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Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus Leaks Folder Full of “Ideas+Drafts+Loops”

flying lotusFlying Lotus is a busy artist and not one that is afraid to push the envelope in terms of the music he makes. After the release of his last album Until The Quiet Comes, which is definitely worth purchasing, he was rather quiet in terms of using the name we know him by. After much uncertainty and endless rumours he revealed that he was in fact the man behind Captain Murphy, the rapper that emerged out of nowhere rhyming over FlyLo’s beats. For some time there was even a suspicion that it might be Tyler The Creator. Lotus released the Duality project under the Murphy name and not much else since then however he did have a little surprise for us on Twitter today (actually only about 30 minutes ago at time of publishing). He leaked a 133MB zip file called ideas+drafts+loops. Featuring¬†Shabazz Palaces, The Underachievers, Thundercat, DJ Mehdi, Baths (Will Wiesenfeld), Viktor Vaughn (DOOM), Earl Sweatshirt and Kanye West. The whole project is very random in its nature and it’s very much a mixed bag; some are finished and polished tracks, such as Between Villains, whereas other sound like Aqua Teen 24 just come across as brainstorming. Highlights in the musical treasure chest include Adventure Sounds featuring The Underachievers, which is some next level dope, as well as the very interestingly titled and very mellow an xbox killed my dog. So good it hurts!

We certainly enjoyed playing all the tracks in the folder so we certainly you hope take the time out to check it out too, download it right here and check out the running commentary from Flying Lotus’ Twitter account here.

some be like”aww flylo why don’t u make stuff like ur old stuff’..thats what this moment is for” – Flying Lotus

Furthermore, according to the question and answer session he had earlier on Twitter, it appears Mr Lotus is working on a new album with a yet to be determined release date; he has apparently decided on a so far undisclosed name for it though.


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