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Fliptrix - Out The Box

Fliptrix – Out The Box [Review]

Fliptrix Out The Box ArtworkWhen Fliptrix founded High Focus Records in 2010 he probably never thought it would become the UK rap juggernaut that it has grown to be as home to some of the nation’s best rhyme smiths. The label originally launched with Theory Of Rhyme available solely on CD but now the label has re-released the album on vinyl in limited numbers today (don’t sleep on this one). Theory Of Rhyme is still highly regarded as a stand out rap album and we’re certainly looking forward to grabbing our copy because as with all music: it sounds better on vinyl. To celebrate the occasion Fliptrix has also dropped some fresh music goodness in the form of Out The Box produced solely by Rebs and at no cost to your wallet/purse if you purchase the vinyl re-release (£5.99 otherwise).

Out The Box comprises of six previously unheard collaborations and remixes of six tracks from Theory Of Rhyme. It’s a great body of work for Fliptrix fans to tie you over until the release of Polyhymnia, the forthcoming full length album due to drop later this year.

Fliptrix Out The Box Tracklist

As far as features Farma G, Verb T and Bristol’s Buggsy all make an appearance and as a body of work it certainly reaches the threshold of being a well-rounded and enjoyable collection of songs. Out The Box provides you with some cracking remixes of The Storm, Soundscapes, The Essence, Wylin Out, Nothing’s Quite As It Seems and Walk This Way. The highlight of the six remixes is the standout reworking The Essence, Rebs has really done an outstanding job in bettering even the sublime original while maintaining the dubby sound. With the new instrumental as the foundation, the rhymes sit on this beat much more comfortably than when it was originally released on Third Eye Of The Storm.

In terms of the new material on this release, Rising brings the heat like a summer World Cup in Qatar. “Flipasaurus” rhymes at rather fast tempo but still manages to deliver ever syllable perfectly and remains crystal clear throughout the track while the drums and piano keys are beautifully arranged (with some of it on the half-beat) to give the song a live sound to it. If you’ve been keeping tabs on this rather impressive lyricist’s career progression over the last few years you know that consistency is to be expected and you won’t be disappointed by Out The Box. His ability to switch his rhyme flow to double-time as beats change and paint images with words seem to be unmatched at the moment on the UK scene. Taking all of that into account, Out The Box has certainly got us even more excited for the release of Polyhymnia. 

Remember to follow High Focus Records on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for all the latest developments and releases from the label. The High Focus gang will also be performing at Outlook Festival 2014 if you’re planning to head to Croatia in the summer.


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