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Boom Bap Festival 2015

Boom Bap Festival 2015 Details Announced

Boom Bap Festival is a relatively young festival celebrating hip hop culture. Nevertheless, despite its age it has gained a lot of traction and popularity very quickly. This summer will be the festival’s third birthday and it has expanded who and what it hosts to incorporate bigger names from across the pond, beat battles, as well as a record fair and a hip hop cinema. From modest beginning in 2012 in Peterborough, Boom Bap Festival‘s name has become synonymous with hip hop culture from our shores and it shows no sign of slowing down. This June, fans of all aspects of hip hop culture will converge on the Suffolk countryside to enjoy all of the above and more. The lineup this year (see below) has surpassed our already high expectations; understandably high because alongside UK hip hop legends such as Chester P, Boom Bap hosted Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah as a headliner last year. The gang even managed to bag themselves an in-depth article in a national broadsheet for their efforts, clearly a sign of the far-reaching impact of Boom Bap.

Out of the very long list of artists that are due to appear here’s our short breakdown of who we think is a must see (in no particular order)

  • Earl Sweatshirt – Often overshadowed by fellow Odd Future member and larger than life Tyler The Creator, Earl’s style is more subtle and rhyming more complex. If you want to slow it down and still appreciate solid lyricism then Earl Sweatshirt is definitely not one to be missed. Listen to Burgundy.
  • Homeboy Sandman – We can’t sing this gentleman’s praises enough. The man cannot be pigeon-holed, his styles are varied and is he’s certainly not afraid to try anything new. Live on stage the energy levels are through the roof as we’ve seen on multiple occasions. Very worthwhile checking out his single-producer series of EPs. We interviewed him previously and he’s also a great guy. Listen to Musician.
  • Foreign Beggars – These guys have gone off on a musical tangent of late but this is supposed to be a UK homecoming set so if you get half of the classic Asylum Speakers then you’re on to a winner. Listen to Glacial
  • Triple Darkness showcase.- M9, Cyrus Malachi, Phoenix Da Icefire and Iron Braydz. Enough said. Heartless Island.
  • High Focus Records – As above, enough said. Listen to everything on their YouTube channel.
  • Fatima and The Eglo Records Band – Fatima’s lovely soulful voice is going to be a nice break from all the shenanigans. If you haven’t purchased her album Yellow Memories then please do, it is worth your hard-earned cash. Listen to Biggest Joke Of All.

For further details including travel options and tickets head to boombapfestival.co.uk.

Boom Bap Line Up


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