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Jonwayne Releases ‘Jonwayne Is Retired’ EP

Jonwayne Is RetiredJonwayne, the guy frequently “capsizing certain rap acts the size of Jupiterwent quiet for a little while after the release of his incredible Rap Album One. Although he was already a heavyweight producer, as the name suggests, Rap Album One was his first proper full length rap project and released on Stones Throw Records. It followed three cassette releases and solid throughout; we still spin it on a regular basis.

In January he gave us a shock when his social media accounts fell silent, he deleted all his tweets and posted clip art image stating ‘Happy Retirement’.  There was nothing for three months until he gave some very short notice and dropped his new Jonwayne Is Retired EP with Minerals & Gems (see below) being the lead single. What is strange is that as far as we knew, when he signed to Stones Throw it was a three album deal yet this project hasn’t come out on that label (yes, we know it’s technically an EP). Furthermore, it appears that Jonwayne‘s name has disappeared from the list of artists on the Stones Throw website. We don’t know what it quite means but we’ll keep an eye out. In the meantimes, make sure you purchase Jonwayne Is Retired on iTunes.


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