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Ocean Wisdom

Ocean Wisdom – Splittin’ The Racket

Ocean Wisdom, a name that came to our attention about a year ago via a Facebook post by Edward Scissortongue within a few hours of him uploading the video for Walkin’ . The video, which you can view here, blew us away not because it was a rather fun video but because it was an incredible song. Produced by High Focus‘ multi-talented Dirty Dike, the bass heavy yet intricate instrumental was laced with some of the finest wordplay and flows we had encountered in a while. Clearly we weren’t the only ones who thought so because the video is well on its way to a million views on YouTube.

Fast forward twelve months and not so long ago the Brighton-based Wisdom ended up signing to High Focus and Walkin’ got an official release in digital formats. Fast forward a little bit more and we arrive at the present with the release of the video for Splittin’ The Racket (watch below). The single is lifted from his forthcoming album Chaos 93; a project that is fully produced by Dirty Dike. If the formula works then why change it? Much like Walkin’, Splittin’ The Racket not only drops the letter g from the title but also comes with the same amount of energy if not more. We saw Ocean Wisdom a couple of months ago at Boom Bap Festival and can vouch for the fact that not only does he know how to rip microphones in the booth but he knows how to rock a crowd too. We’re looking forward to what 2015 and beyond holds for Wisdom because this guy is going to makes waves. If you want to catch him in the flesh he’s currently touring with the High Focus family around the UK and the rest of the globe.

Splittin’ The Racket is directed by AboveGround. The single is out now from all half-decent digital outlets whereas the vinyl release can be purchased direct from High Focus which will also include Walkin’, Watchin’ You as well as two instrumentals.


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