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Atmosphere Rhymesayers

Atmosphere – Sunshine

Ant and Slug come together as the legendary underground duo better known as Atmosphere. The pair from Minneapolis have not only inspired a whole generation of rap fans but they also are the founders of the rap music powerhouse that is Rhymesayers Entertainment (check their artist roster if you don’t believe us). The duo is now nine albums deep with their last full length album, Southsiders, dropping earlier this year. As with most new albums, you would expect singles and accompanying videos to be gradually released for your listening pleasure in the hope that you might part with your money to buy the album or see the artists live. On that note, Atmosphere are touring the UK and Europe during throughout September and October so if you want to catch them you can get further details here.

Atmosphere have decided to deviate from that well-trodden path and have just released a video for Sunshine; a song that is from their Sad Clown Bad Summer EP released in 2007. The song is about the afternoon sunshine that brings you back to life after one of those hangovers that truly make you believe alcohol is your nemesis. To further make this music video interesting, the whole production was powered by solar energy in conjunction with SunPort. Yes, a song called Sunshine about sunshine powered by sunshine. It was always a great song, it now has a great video to accompany it. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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